(Citrus assamensis)

Ada jamir trees 

Synonym: Citrus pennivesiculata var.assamensis.

Other name: Soh-sying, Ginger lime.

Ada jamir is a minor citrus fruit occurring North East India.  It is found in Khasi Hills region of Meghalaya and North Cachar area of Assam.  One can even see it growing in home gardens there.

Ada jamir fruits

            The crushed leaves and the rind has a typical aromatic flavour, a mix of ginger and eucalyptus.  So soh myndong fruits are highly valued by local people because of that.


 A small to medium sized tree, 4.5 to 7.5 m tall and moderately branched and thorny.

            Leaves elliptical, 8 × 4 cm, crenellated edges.  The leaves have a faint ginger odour when crushed

Ada jamir foliage and fruits

            Flower and leaf buds purplish; fully-developed flowers have white petals.

            Fruit ovoid, yellow-green when ripe, skin smooth, a vestigial nipple present at the fruit apex; 8 × 7 cm, segments 11-13, flesh yellow, firm; rind thick (1 cm), tightly adherent with a white albedo

            Seeds 10-12.


Ada jamir fruits are very sour.  These are, are used as a souring and flavouring agent and are quite popular with locals for that purpose.


Ada jamir trees are planted by locals in home gardens.  There is also a cultivated variety called Moi.

            New plants are raised from seed.