(Vaccinium alaskaense)

A bush of Alaska blue berry late in the season

Family: Ericaceae

Alaska blueberry is ommon in the Cascades and coastal  mountains from Alaska to northwest Oregon.  It grows all of Alaska except portions of the northern coastal plain and western Aleutians.  It is the most wide spread of wild growing blueberries in Alaska.


Perennial shrub, taller than the rest of blueberry shrubs growing in Alaska. 

Developing fruits of Alaska blueberry

            Leaves relatively larger.

            Flower stalks straight and longer.

            Fruits a berry, blue, edible and sweet.


The fruits are eaten fresh.  These are also made into jams and jellies and added into cakes and pies.  The fruits can also be sundried for use later.


Plants are perennial, producing new growth each spring. Natural regeneration is mostly by adventitious rooting of above-ground stems where they contact the soil. Greenhouse propagation is mainly by seeds which require a cold moist stratification period to germinate. Propagation by stem cuttings has been successful using current year’s growth with bottom heat and 0.3% IBA powder.