(Ficus coronata)

A tree of creek sand paper fig 



Family: Moracceae

Creek sandpiper fig is a bushy tree with rough, sandpapery leaves. It is native to Australia.  The 20 mm furry fruit are dark when ripe, and appear on the trunk and larger branches. The tree is often associated with creek banks


A small tree 6-12 m tall and 3-5 m wide with dark brown trunk.

            Leaves ovate or elliptical, 5-6 cm long, 2-5 cm wide; these are rough like a sandpaper on upper side, hence the name sandpaper creek fig.

Leaves of creek sand paper fig

            Fruit oval, 1.5 cm ling, succulent and covered with dense hairs.

Creek sand paper fig fruits


The fruit are edible raw when fully ripe and is eaten by local people. The furry skin can, however, be irritant but can be be peeled off first. In earlier days the local people used the leaves of this fruit were used for polishing wood and turtle shells.

            The creek sandpaper fig makes very good bonsais.