(Durio oxleyanus)

A portion of durian isu tree



Family: Bombacaceae

Other names: Kerantongan

Durian isu is a type of durian.  It occurs Borneo; Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra etc. in South East Asia.  This fruit seems to have been originated in this region only.  Duria isu can be seen growing wild mostly in the lowland raiforests.

It is often cultivated in Borneo.

Durian isu fruit


Leaves alternate, simple, Penni-veined, lower surface whitish, with hairs INSTEAD OF scales.

Flowers white-yellow, 15 mm wide, borne in cymes on twigs behind the leaves, epicalyx 2-3-lobed .

Fruits grayish green or yellow, 15 cm long, long spines on rind; pulp yellow to orange, very sweet, lobes 4.

Seeds brown, glossy.


The fruits are edible and are eaten by local people.  These are sometimes also sold in local markets, mostly to foreigners.

A fruit of durian isu cut into two pieces showing pulp and seeds


Duria isu is cultivated only in Borneo. Elsewhere the fruits are collected from wild only.  Observation indicates that this may bo best in humid area.  It will grow best on clay rich alluvial soils that are frequently flooded and remains most.

            New plants are raised from seed.