(Plinia inflata)

A tree of mulchi

Family: Myrtaceae

Mulchi is a fruit of from Central America upto an elevation of 500 m.  It is a close relative of cambuca (Plonia edulis).  This fruit grows in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador.  Though it is a good fruit to eat, yet it is not commercially cultivated and mostly collectors grow it home and public gaedens.


An evergreen tree, 4-10 m tall.

            Leaves elliptic oblong, 4-6 cm wide, 9-15 cm long.

            Flowers white, about 1 cm wide, borne in groups of 1-8 on trink, branches and also in leaf axils.

Foliage and flowers of mulchi

            Fruits pyriform, yellow orange at maturity, rind leathery, pulp white, light, spongy and juicy, sweet, very tasty.

            Seeds large, 1-4.


Muchi fruits are tasty and eaten out of hand.  These are also made into jam or jelly.  In Peru, a popular liqueur is from mulchi fruits.

Fruit bearing in mulchi


Mulchi is a multipurpose fruit tree.  Besides providing tasty edible fruits, mulchi is also a good ornamental tree.  So its planting in gardens should be encouraged.

Mulchi fruits

            Mulchi trees do best in partial shade.  New plants can be raised from seed.