(Elaeocarpus oppositifolium)

A tree of belimbing hutan


Synonym: Acertatum oppositifolium

Family: Elaeocarpaceae.

Other names: Kariala

Belimbing hutan is a native of South East Asia.  It mostly grows wild but is occasionally cultivated in Java.

            This plant is mostly found in river valleys.  Most plants are seen isolated anfd not growing in groups.


Belimbing hutan is a shrub or tree, 6-10 m in height; flowers borne in pendulous racemes and are pale yellow in colour.

            Fruit a drupe, oblongoid in shape, 2-5 cm wide, 2-3.5 cm long, 3-5 angular, red.


Fruits are eaten raw.  These are sometimes also cooked as a vegetable.  A sour relish is also made from them.

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