(Willughbeia sarawakensis)

Akar kubal susu fruits

Family: Apocynaceae

Akar kubal susu is believed to be a native of Borneo.  It has very tasty fruits which are also offered foor sale in local markets.  But akar_kubal_susu is known  very little outside Indonesia. Its fruits are very tasty and are very fondly eaten by local people.  These are also offered for sale 

            This is one of those fruits which have potential for development as a viable new orchard crop.


A large, vigorous climber. 


The fruits are very tasty and liked very much by local people.  The famous tropical fruit specialist, William (Bill) Whitman rated this fruit as one of the finest fruits in the world.


New plants of this wild growing fruits can be raised from seed.  Indications from trials carried out so far are that this fruit is not at all difficult to domesticate.