(Syzigium eucalyptoides)

A tree of white apple

Family: Myrtaceae

Synonym: Syzygium eucalyptoides ssp. eucalyptoides; Syzygium eucalyptoides ssp. bleeseri.

Other names:  White bush apple

White apple is a native of Australia. This fruit is found growing wild in North Western Australia to Central Cape York Peninsula.  It can be seen there in open woodlands, seasonally flooded depressions and along rivers and streams.

            The fruits from white apple trees bear edible fruits which have been one of the popular sources of food of the Australian aboriginals.  It is rarely known outside Australia.


A small evergreen tree, upto 6 m tall.

            Leaves long, narrow and tapered on ssp. eucalyptoides and broad in ssp. bleeseri.

            Flowers white cream, showy, stamens numerous.

White apple flowers

            Fruits white, edible.


White apple fruits are edible and have been a source of subsistence food for aboriginals for ages.

Fruits of white apple


So far no attempt has been made to domesticate this wild growing fruit and it is found in wild only.